About Me

I have always had a passion for working with children, if I look back at my childhood school reports, often teachers would say “Natalie enjoys helping children in lower grades and often wonders into the playground for smaller children” or “Natalie always helps her classmates and is very cooperative in class”. I have always had the need to help others and more specifically I have felt a connection to children and teenagers. I started my tertiary education at Wits University where I discovered a love for psychology and studying human behaviour. Thereafter, my Honours degree was completed at Unisa whilst volunteering part-time at ‘Childline’ as a telephonic counselor. Working as a telephonic counsellor peaked my interest in working with children and adolescents giving me the need for more personal, face- to- face contact. After, completing a few short courses in counseling and play therapy,
I decided to apply for my masters in psychology with specialization in play therapy. Gratefully, I was accepted and this brought me into the wonderful world of gestalt and child-centered therapy. I completed the theory modules of this course and also a supervised practical internship at the Johannesburg Children’s Home (where I still work, part-time to this day). After completing my dissertation which was based on adolescents in South Africa’s use of the mobile phone to engage in risky behavior, I qualified with a Master’s Degree in Psychology through NWU. I am now a registered counsellor with a private practice, hoping to continue my work for which I have so much passion and where, I hope to make a difference in a few childrens’ and familes’ lives everyday. bookcase

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” ― Plato

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Additional information: Completed play therapy internship with ‘UNISA’ and the ‘Centre of Child and Youth Studies’ under the supervision of educational psychologist. Completed theoretical modules towards a MA degree in play therapy. Trained by internationally renowned play therapist Liana Lowenstein. Research dissertaion focused on the use of technology for adolescents in South Africa and how it is used to engage in risky behaviours (i.e. cyberbullying, sexual experimentation)