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Play2Heal was lovingly created 10 years ago as a practice with the aim of helping individuals of all ages find a voice and express their emotions in a safe, supportive and holistic environment. Natalie, the owner and specialist counsellor, identified a need for therapeutic work to be accessed in more holistic and natural manner, different traditional psychotherapy.

“My philosophy is that each of us is shaped by a combination of factors namely: our temperaments, our DNA, our environment, our experiences, our support systems, our beliefs amongst others. These factors are pieces of a jigsaw that together create an image that is beautifully and uniquely you! If we merely zero in on a single piece of that jigsaw (for example a behaviour or symptom) we miss out on that bigger picture that makes sense of that piece. Conversely, if we only look at the larger image (like the person in general) we miss out on the finer details that have made that individual who they are.” -Natalie DGG

It is for this reason that Natalie is passionate about helping her clients, with holistic easy to access tools such as play for children, breathwork and mindfulness for adults as well as hypnotherapy for all ages. Through her 10 years of both private and institutional practice, she has experience in catering to each individual clients specific needs. Each client at Play2Heal is worked with to attain their individual goals and no two clients will have the same methods of therapy. Natalie holds a MA (psych) from NWU, has specialised knowledge and degree in play therapy, she is a certified Hypnotherapist with the IMDHA, is in the process of completing her breathwork advanced practitioner training and draws from her knowledge in person-centred and gestalt therapy modalities.

About Play2Heal | Natalie de Gouveia

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