Play2Heal - Our first newsletter!

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Dear Clients,

You are receiving this newsletter because you are either a current client of Play2Heal or you have sent your child to Natalie for therapy before! We have some exciting news to share with you all...

First of all, Play2Heal has now added new offices aside from the one in the Linksfield Wellness Cenre (68 Club street, Linksfield). Play2Heal is now available at the My World Centre in Rosebank (78 Worcester road, Parkwood) as well! That means that those of you living closer to the Northern Suburbs no longer need to mission all the way to the East to bring your child for therapy! Hopefully this makes things more convenient for our clients! Please call or email to make an appointment at any of these two locations. In case you no longer have my details, my number is 083 357 7660 and you can email on either or

Second, our website is now officially up and running please go check it out and pop me an email with any suggestions, comments and hey, compliments are always welcome too! ;)

Here is a link to the siteI hope you enjoy it:

Third, since Play2Heal has become all "techno-savvy" and stuff, we thought why stop there? So Play2Heal now has a Facebook and a Twitter page as well! Please like both pages and feel free to leave comments as well as share the page with your friends! Our aim is for the two pages to provide helpful links to articles for parents, offer advice on common problems and provide some inspiration as well!

Here are the links for those two pages:

Finally, this email is going out as the first Play2Heal newsletter. The aim is to send out a newsletter every few weeks, with specials on my services, news on Play2Heal and advice on certain topics (please feel free to provide suggestions of topics by emailing me any time). If you wish to unsubscribe from this email, please click on the link below. If you'd like to officially subscribe to this newsletter, please go to click on home on the top left hamd side of the screen and scroll to the bottom of the screen then, add your email address to subscribe! I look forward to our correspondence and hope this is the start a beautiful friendship! :)

Have an awesome week and remember the family that plays together, stays together!

Regards, Nat X

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