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"Hey Hon
Just wanted to drop you a line about J. She is doing so well this year. No crying or episodes at school at all. This morning she got out the car and said she would walk into school alone. (as you know this was a big deal).
So just to say thank you and let you know she is doing great!
Hope you are well. C "

Thank you so much for the therapy you did with B I couldnt believe the change in him, he went from frustrated and constantly throwing tantrums to the happy playful child he had always been! Thanks again! "

At The Johannesburg Children’s Home, we believe that child care is not just the provision of food and shelter, but also includes the provision of a special place for a child to be, a home in which he/she can take pride and feel surrounded by love and warmth. Part of achieving this is through play therapy offered by Natalie De Gouveia. Natalie has a true passion for our children and through therapy she has started the healing process towards making a difference in our children’s lives. Her expertise in play therapy has allowed for our children to express their thoughts and feelings in individual sessions which has contributed to their emotional, social and physical development. 

- Narisha Govender (Director at the Johannesburg Children's Home)

Natalie helped my five year old daughter through a tough emotional time and Rebecca attended therapy for about a year. The bond between Natalie and Rebecca was amazing, therapy was Rebecca's "safe place" and she still asks about Natalie on a regular basis. Would recommend Natalie to anyone!